The Benchmark line of products that are government-owned simulation environments are used by many organizations for research and design of target tracking systems. They incorporate high-fidelity sensor, communication, and target models into a MATLABĀ® simulation that can be run on a standard desktop or laptop computer. Vectraxx has been extensively involved with many of the variants of Benchmarks.

JCTN: The Joint Composite Tracking Network (JCTN) Benchmark started the line of Benchmarks. It had rotating and electronically scanned radar with multiple airborne maneuvering targets and included a distributed composite tracking test article. Vectraxx used the JCTN Benchmark for research work in 2001.

BMD: The Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) Benchmark was developed from the JCTN Benchmark as the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) was formed in 2001. It includes multiple missile threats and missile defense scenarios.
Vectraxx has used the BMD Benchmark since 2001 for several different research efforts. They have supported the continued development of the BMD Benchmark as the lead beta tester, implementing new sensor models, modifying scenarios, and integrating test articles.

ESM or EA: The Electronic Support Measures (ESM) or Electronic Attack (EA) Benchmark (it has been called both) was a resurrection, to some degree, of the JCTN Benchmark. The air defense scenarios that were no longer in the BMD Benchmark were included along with ESM sensors and metrics. Vectraxx has used this Benchmark from time to time for various research efforts.

IAMD: The Integrated Air/Missile Defense (IAMD) Benchmark continued the focus of the EA Benchmark on air defense and added new sensors (e.g., IFF). This Benchmark is still a distributed multi-sensor, multi-target simulation that Vectraxx has used in several applications for research efforts.

MIMO: The Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) Radar Benchmark started to be developed in 2009 with Vectraxx as the lead developer on a subcontract to Georgia Tech. Since 2009, Georgia Tech has taken the lead on the development. Through this effort, Vectraxx gained experience and confidence in crafting a new Benchmark from parts and pieces of other Benchmarks.

AAV: The Autonomous Air Vehicle (AAV) Benchmark development initially began in 2010 with Georgia Tech, but then in 2011 the lead for its development was handed to Vectraxx through a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contract. This Benchmark incorporates the Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS) system in new littoral regions scenarios. Vectraxx continues to develop this Benchmark for the Naval Air System Command.